Purple Ramsey Leopard Print Key Chain


Stylish Ramsey Leopard Paw Print Key Chain in Purple
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Stylish Ramsey Leopard Paw Print Key Chain in Purple

Ramsey Leopard was truly a diamond in the rough. To those he didn’t know, he could be standoffish, gruff, and disinterested. But once he realized you were in it for the long haul, he would shine. He and I would discuss our weeks – the good and the bad. I’d bring him scent enrichment and over the years found that he loved catnip and spearmint but most of all he loved pineapple sage. He would drool and rub on the herbs before happily tearing them into little pieces. This simple, earthy yet powerful item reflects his charisma, measuring approximately 3″ from top to bottom of the leather fob and 2″ at its widest point.

Key Features:

  • Uses an actual image of a print/paw to create the stamp
  • Handstamped in vegetable-tanned leather
  • Versatile and Elegant, Suitable for Any Occasion

Craftsmanship and Meaning: Each pendant is a testament to mindful craftsmanship. The stamp is created from an image of a footprint in the mud or a photo of a foot pad. This is then stamped into vegetable-tanned leather, and then dyed.

Ramsey Leopards’s Story: Powerful, clever, and agile, Ramsey was a majestic leopard with a remarkably easygoing personality. Like most big cats, he spent his days snoozing on a platform in the warm sunshine or in the cool darkness of his stone cave. On warm days he gingerly competed with his sister Savannah to make sure he got to use the cave, even if he had to sit behind her, and casually stretched out his legs to slowly shove her out the front of the cave. Ramsey was most active in the late afternoon and evening but can often be coaxed to rise from his mid-day slumber by the arrival of a staff member bearing his favorite treats—sprigs of rosemary or sage, or sometimes fresh venison. Then this garrulous fellow would ‘talk’, emitting a low groaning murmur that sounds one part annoyed and one part like begging. To our ears it sounded like a contented rumbling–the leopard version of a purr. (text from the Animal Park at the Conservators Center)

Unique and Evolving: Please note that as handcrafted pieces, no two pendants are identical. Variations are inherent, making each piece truly unique. Over time, the natural qualities of the metal may lead to color changes, adding to the pendant’s character.

Made with Care by Beadopotamus: At Wild Things at Beadopotamus, we create treasures that echo the spirit of the wild. This pendant encapsulates not just craftsmanship, but a connection to nature and the stories it holds. Explore the depths of your style and spirit with a piece that resonates with the primal call of the wild.

Welcome this remarkable piece into your collection, and let it remind you of the profound beauty found in nature’s creations.

Please Note: This listing is for a made-to-order item. The images showcase past productions and are representative of the pendant you will receive. Carefully handcrafted, each piece carries its own narrative.

Indulge in the essence of the wild, carried by the artistry of Beadopotamus.

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 2.25 × 1.25 × .5 in
Findings Finish

Gold-Plated Findings, Silver-Plated Findings


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